If you are looking for a free VPN to access content with region restriction or to obtain a safety plus, you may try any of these


A VPN can be useful for different purposes: evade blocking by region, surf anonymously online or facilitate teleworking in companies working in a local network with unique features such as an intranet.

The majority of services of VPN are of payment, but there are some free equally functional. That itself, although not in all those cases is confirmed, not would be anything rare that used your data to do business; the price to pay for being free. These are the best free VPN that you can use in Chrome.

DotVPN is a service of free VPN offering unlimited bandwidth (as high as the connection you have contracted) and virtual localization in 12 different countries (Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, United Kingdom and United States), as well as unlimited switching between locations.

Also offers encryption of 4096 bits for the greater security possible to the transmit the data of the computer to the server.

ZenMate VPN is a VPN that integrates blocking trackers and advertising in addition to the “traditional” VPN functions, to add an extra layer of security and privacy.

Sometimes the best route is really to buy a good cheap and reliable VPN Service

Besides its version free, has of a version of payment that unlock the ceiling of width of width of band and allows access to all the locations virtual available by 7,99€ to the month.

HotSpot Shield is a VPN which has the advantage of being made by a company that already has something of a reputation: Anchor Free. This always gives something more than confidence when we are speaking of a service in which to the end and within grant all our data of navigation.

Its main quality distinctive is that is multiplatform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X and Windows), so can use the same VPN in all your devices. Bandwidth is unlimited for free, but Hotspot Shield also has several paid versions.

TunnelBear is one of the most well-known and reputable VPN. Probably already conozacais their versions for desktop, but TunnelBear counts also with an extension for Chrome.

The main difference between this version and desktop applications is that the extension is limited to encrypt and pass the browser traffic, while the desktop version with all traffic from your computer. Both versions feature, that Yes, with unlimited bandwidth and virtual localization in more than 20 different countries.

Always remember that these free VPN you can be making you and your data in the form of payment, as already it was discovered making the famous Hello. There’s why passing, especially in cases that have a paid version, but if you want to be completely quiet it is best that you decide for a payment option.