Instagram Ads

The impact of Instagram ads on your marketing strategies

Instagram Ads

Until now playing Instagram ads in Germany no role, since they are not available. But initial results and case studies from the United States show that there is potential here. Instagram acts still very cautious and keeps the international rollout of Instagram ads back yet. Once Instagram ads are also available in Germany, they will play a central role in the coverage structure and branding. This have proven examples of Mercedes (USA) and Michael Kors. The ads are labeled as sponsored post step by step guide on how to buy instagram followers.

But even without ads can be built extra reach through campaigns that have either an Instagram integration or are specifically geared to Instagram.

Also popular are simple hashtag campaigns. Users are prompted to publish a photo on a particular subject and to provide it with a branded hashtag. As an additional requirement could prompt users to follow the corporate account. Here, however, it behaves as if Gates Fan on Facebook: If you only for the purpose of participating for a raffle follows an Instagram account, is less interested in the content and more on potential profit. The focus of Instagram campaigns should be on the hashtag and photos mit kreditkarte.

about the Instagram API, it is also possible to read all the photos with a specific hashtag and outputting in a gallery on the website or microsite. So the campaign of Instagram is extended to the private channels and participants are made aware not only on the Instagram account, but also on the website.

Making the best of your ads investment

Here it is important but should be noted that on Instagram no links can be published. The only possibility is that Instagram profile. Here, a link will be placed, the link should be either on the website or to specific action sites. We recommend that you support the campaign in addition Instagram by Facebook ads. So more potential new followers be achieved and used the range of news feeds in addition to Instagram mehr instagram follower.

Yet companies can not create any specific corporate accounts, but have to make do with a normal user account. Disadvantages has really only as regards the management by several employees, since all work with the same rights. But that was formerly once on Facebook … you can look forward to get more instagram followers with the newly released┬ámarketing services.

When you create the account for a company or a brand so the company name and a suitable image is used: In the image please make sure that this is the part of Instagram enclosed by a circle and the image at a resolution of 150 x 150 pixels on most phones will appear very small.